• Citizens on Watch 2016 Final Report

    The 11th parliamentary elections since the introduction of a multi-party system in 1990 were held in Serbia on
    April 24, 2016. This snap parliamentary vote was held concurrently with provincial elections in Vojvodina and
    regular local elections. Irregularities were reported at 15 polling stations, where repeat voting was conducted
    on May 4. The State election commission (REC) pronounced the final results of the early parliamentary
    elections on May 6.

    CRTA observed the entire course of the parliamentary vote under Citizens on Watch (CRTA-GnS) Election
    Observation Mission, that is, it observed the quality before, on and after election day. The observation mission
    comprised long-term observers who were deployed to all districts in Serbia and the REC, and also short-term
    observers, who observed the quality of voting process on election day, April 24, on a representative and
    random sample of 450 polls and at all 15 polls where repeat voting was conducted on May 4, 2016.

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