• Belgrade Elections 2018 – Preliminary Statement on the election Day

    The quality of election process on the Election Day was not in line with international standards for free and fair elections. Serious breaches of electoral procedures were recorded at eight percent of polling stations. In comparison with 2017 presidential and 2016 parliamentary elections, the percentage of recorded irregularities at polling stations is higher.

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  • CEC to Enable Domestic Observers to Monitor the Work of the Electoral Commission

    After more than 20 days, the City Electoral Commission (CEC) have not approved domestic observers to attend the CEC sessions and monitor the work of this electoral body. Even though the CEC confirmed that CRTA and CeSID fulfilled legal requirements as domestic observers on January 17th 2018, the CEC did not provide written authorization to monitor CEC sessions. CEC did not included in the agenda requests for monitoring the work of electoral bodies submitted by the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM) and Citizens on Watch for more than few weeks. Continue Reading

  • Taking concrete measures towards organising electoral rules in accordance with standards for fair and free elections

    The quality of elections is assessed by taking into consideration the entire electoral process and not just by observing the Election Day. The electoral campaign was not carried out in accordance with standards for free and fair elections, whereas the election day (April 2nd) and the post-electoral process went on mostly in accordance with the legal procedures, the CRTA observation mission “Citizens on Watch” announced when presenting their final report after having observed the presidential election in 2017. The intensity of visible irregularities in the media, hidden but also open support of public officials of one candidate, the campaign for the president of the state carried out from the position of a prime minister, as well as numerous rumours of “buying” votes and putting pressure on voters point to the fact that pre-election period cannot be assessed as fair, free and in accordance with international democratic elections. Continue Reading

  • Final report – Presidential elections 2017

    Serbia held regular presidential elections on April 2nd 2017. The CRTA observation mission “Citizens on Watch”, monitored the entire electoral process (pre-election period, Election Day and post-election period) on the territory of Serbia, as a local independent non-partisan observer. Please find full report regarding presidential elections 2017.

  • Amid Political Tensions, CRTA’s PVT Confirms Preliminary Results

    published on www.gndem.org


    Serbians turned out to vote on April 2, 2017 to elect their next president. With elections called only a month before the date, the political stakes were high between then Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and a number of opposition candidates. The election was seen by many as a referendum on the policies and actions of Vucic, whose Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) represents the largest party in the ruling coalition in parliament after retaining their majority in the 2016 parliamentary elections. With a limited amount of time for candidates to campaign and amid a partisan political environment, Serbian citizen observer group and GNDEM member the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA) mobilized the mission “Citizens on Watch” quickly to monitor the campaign period and conduct a parallel vote tabulation (PVT) on election day. Following the election, CRTA is monitoring post-election developments. Continue Reading

  • CRTA Files the Request for Access to Polling Board Records

    According to the analysis of information on the quality of electoral processes received from the representative and random sample of 450 polling stations, and the review of polling board records compiled after closing of polling stations, the CRTA election observation mission „Citizens on Watch“ assessed that the Election Day went mainly in accordance with established procedures, and that the information about voters’ turnout and voting results for individual election candidates corresponded to the official results of the Republic Electoral Commission (on the basis of 99,9 percent of processed material). The CRTA election observation mission „Citizens on Watch“ stands behind its preliminary election monitoring findings regarding the quality of the elections conduct prior to and during the Election Day. Continue Reading

  • Citizens on Watch – Preliminary Report on Election Day Monitoring


    According to 95 percent of processed sample, presidential candidate Aleksandar Vucic won majority of votes, 54.9 percent in total, the CRTA election observation mission ‘Citizens on Watch’ stated. With 16.2 percent of votes Sasa Jankovic came in second place, followed by Luka Maksimovic with 9.4 percents of votes and Vuk Jeremic with 5.8 percent of votes.

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    A total of 49.9 percent of citizens listed in the voters list voted at the Serbian presidential elections until 7 pm, the CRTA election observation mission ‘Citizens on Watch’ stated. Margin of error was +/- 1 percent. In comparison to the last year’s parliamentary elections, this is the turnout of 3.2 percent less voters until 7 pm.

    Observers deployed to the random and representative sample of 450 polling stations reported that voting process by 7 pm was conducted mainly in accordance with established procedures.

    In comparison to the observation results at 4 pm, the slight increase in the percentage of irregularities at polling stations, from one to three percent, was recorded. This percentage still refers to isolated incidents that cannot be considered a trend that would influence the regularity of the voting process. Recorded irregularities included voting without identification documents, not checking voters’ identification prior to voting and handling of parallel voters lists. Distribution of campaign material less than 50 meters from the polling station was not recorded in this period.

    One incident of physical violence was recorded at the polling station 16 in Leskovac, where a political party activist assaulted the president of the polling board and caused him minor injuries, so the police and the ambulance intervened. The police also intervened at the polling station 67 in Pancevo, due to the gathering of extremist groups in front of the polling station.

    In Zajecar, Alibunar and Knjazevac police stations were opened outside of working ours with the purpose to issue the confirmation that voters without a valid ID card had submitted the request for the issuance of the new ID card. The CRTA election observation ‘Citizens on Watch’ mobile team confirmed that the replacement of ID cards was organized for 50 voters in Alibunar.

    The CRTA election observation mission ‘Citizens on Watch’ does not have observes in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, abroad, or within the Bureau of Prisons.

    The CRTA election observation mission ‘Citizens on Watch’ based its monitoring of the Serbian presidential elections on April 2, 2017 on statistical principles as an effective method for systematic observation of the process during the Election Day, using the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) methodology. This methodology enables the assessment of the entire voting process on the Election Day – opening of the polling stations, voting and vote count – in an unbiased and systematic manner. PVT methodology uses randomly selected sample of the polling stations (PS), which means that the results are representative for the entire country. Observers are deployed to 450 polls and they monitor the entire election process – from the opening of polling stations until the records on the election results are compiled. Based on representative sample, PVT enables detection of irregularities and violations of election procedures on the Election Day and provides information about regularity of the election process for the entire country.

    CRTA’s election observation is based on the highest international standards, stipulated in the Declaration of Global Principles for Nonpartisan Election Observation and Monitoring by Citizen Organizations.

    The next public statement of the CRTA election observation mission ‘Citizens on Watch’ is scheduled for after the presidential elections vote count and processing of data collected within the sample (around 10 pm).


    A total of 37 percent of citizens listed in the voters list have voted at the Serbian presidential elections until 4 pm, the CRTA election observation mission ‘Citizens on Watch’ stated. Margin of error was +/- 0.8 percent. In comparison to the last year’s parliamentary elections, this is the turnout of 2.6 percent less voters until 4 pm. Continue Reading

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