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CRTA’s initiative ‘Citizens on Watch’ belongs to the active citizens striving for the fair and free elections.

‘Citizens on Watch’ is the logical continuation of CRTA’s years long efforts to bring citizens into the focus of political arena and empower their voices in political debate in Serbia.

‘Citizens on Watch’ initiative is open to all citizens interested to become an independent civic election observer. Trained in accordance with the highest international election observation standards, ‘Citizens on Watch’ observers have the opportunity to control the regularity of electoral procedures at polling stations and in electoral commissions.

Being the domestic election observation mission, ‘citizens on Watch’ initiative is unique in its methodological and advocacy approach. It is focused on election observation throughout the election cycle (prior to, on the Election Day and after the elections) and advocacy for improvements of electoral procedures and processes, in line with the election observation findings.

With the formalization of this initiative through the official registration of the ‘Citizens on Watch’ organization, we have enabled citizens’ membership in the initiative, and provided them with the opportunity to propose other activities related to the fair and free elections. In the future, ‘Citizens on Watch’ members will ensure the efficient public monitoring and analysis of laws implementation and compliance of electoral procedures with the international standards for elections preparation and conduct. They will also inform and educate the public about the quality and democratic character of elections, and will ensure the prompt response to breaches in electoral processes and procedures in local communities across Serbia.

From this day forward, we are together ‘Citizens on Watch’!