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  • Taking concrete measures towards organising electoral rules in accordance with standards for fair and free elections

    The quality of elections is assessed by taking into consideration the entire electoral process and not just by observing the Election Day. The electoral campaign was not carried out in accordance with standards for free and fair elections, whereas the election day (April 2nd) and the post-electoral process went on mostly in accordance with the legal procedures, the CRTA observation mission “Citizens on Watch” announced when presenting their final report after having observed the presidential election in 2017. The intensity of visible irregularities in the media, hidden but also open support of public officials of one candidate, the campaign for the president of the state carried out from the position of a prime minister, as well as numerous rumours of “buying” votes and putting pressure on voters point to the fact that pre-election period cannot be assessed as fair, free and in accordance with international democratic elections. Continue Reading